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Race for the chase with 2 Mulligans

NASCAR is talking about making changes to the chase.  Well my idea for changes would be to make changes to both the chase and the race to the chase.  And what I would implement is Mulligans.  2 Mulligans for the regular season and 1 for the chase.  Think about it, If the drivers could drop 2 races during the regular season it could make the race for the chase more interesting coming down the wire.  More interest would mean bigger turnouts and bigger ratings.  Right now you have maybe positions 10 - 15 fighting it out for a spot in the chase going into the last 3 or 4 races.  Now you could have positions 8 - 20 in that battle.  I did a spreadsheet for the regular season points and then one for the Mulligans there is a small differences, but the 20th place driver is within 180 points with the mulligans instead of being over 220 points out.  Difference is between positions. 

I'll try to update this weekly to show the changes in the standings with the mulligans;  Here's the results as of Chicago.

Driver                                          Points                  Difference                        

<colgroup span="1"></colgroup><col style="width: 100pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 4864;" span="1" width="133"></col>Kevin Harvick                       2745                                     
Jeff Gordon                         2642                  -103             
Jimmie Johnson                   2557                  -85                     
Denny Hamlin                      2542                  -15                   
Kurt Busch                           2524                  -18                                         
Kyle Busch                           2488                  -36
Jeff Burton                           2465                  -23
Matt Kenseth                       2446                   -19
Tony Stewart                        2389                  -57
Carl Edwards                        2345                  -44
Greg Biffle                           2292                  -53
Clint Bowyer                         2286                  -6
Dale Earnhardt Jr.                 2271                  -15
Mark Martin                         2249                  -22
David Reutimann                 2190                   -59
Ryan Newman                     2187                    -3
Kasey Kahne                       2166                   -21
Jamie McMurray                   2105                   -61
Joey Logano                       2103                    -2
Martin Truex Jr.                   2060                   -43
Juan Pablo Montoya            2044                    -16
A J. Allmendinger                2021                    -23
Paul Menard                       1981                    -40
Scott Speed                        1838                    -143
David Ragan                       1836                    -2
Brad Keslowski                    1830                    -6
Elliott Sadler                       1750                     -80 
Marcos Ambrose                  1739                    -11
Sam Hornish Jr.                   1695                   -44
Regan Smith                       1599                   -96
Bobby Labonte                    1467                   -132
Robby Gordon                     1383                   -84
Travis Kvapil                       1303                   -80
David Gilliland                     1260                   -17
Kevin Conway                      1190                   -70

Difference between 8 and 20 (386 points)

Now what the points would look like with 2 Mulligans

Driver                                           Points                    Difference
Kevin Harvick                        2621
Jeff Gordon                          2495                 -126
Jimmie Johnson                    2442                 -53
Denny Hamlin                       2408                 -34
Kurt Busch                            2408                   0
Kyle Busch                            2394                 -14
Jeff Burton                           2306                 -88
Matt Kenseth                        2289                 -17
Carl Edwards                         2235                 -54
Tony Stewart                         2232                 - 3
Clint Bowyer                          2188                 -44
Greg Biffle                            2146                 -42
Dale Earnhardt Jr.                  2137                  -9
Mark Martin                           2127                 -10
David Reutimann                   2098                 -29
Ryan Newman                       2071                 -27
Kasey Kahne                         2059                 -12
Jamie McMurray                     2004                 -55
Joey Logano                         1985                  -19
Martin Truex Jr.                     1972                  -13
Juan Pablo Montoya               1943                 -29
A.J. Allmendinger                   1920                 - 23
Paul Menard                          1850                  -70
David Regan                          1735                 -115
Brad Keslowski                        1720                -15
Scott Speed                           1716                 -4
Marcos Ambrose                     1647                 -69
Elliott Sadler                           1632                -15
Sam Hornish Jr.                      1588                -44
Regan Smith                         1504                -84
Robby Gordon                        1383               -121
Bobby Labonte                       1381                -2
David Gilliland                        1260                -121
Travis Kvapil                           1243                -17
Kevin Conway                         1190                -53     

Difference between 8th and 20th (317 points)           
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Does NASCAR need Mulligans in the Chase?

I have posted this on the Racing Board, but I decided to do a blog.  NASCAR instituted the Chase to bring excitement to the final ten races of the season and to help with the ratings against the NFL.  The problem with the chase is that by the time you get down to the last 3 or 4 races the chase is down to  2 or 3 teams with a chance to win the title and by the time the last race is ran there is usually only 2 drivers if that, that have a realistic chance for the title. 

I know that the purest of fans don't like the chase and they certainly don't want to see another gimmick instituted by NASCAR to try to make the championship excititing but I think giving each team 2 mulligans prior to the final race of the season will do exactly what NASCAR wants and that is bring the number of potential champions down to 6 to 8 drivers. 

Why a mulligan you may ask, well, several things can happen to a chase driver that is beyond his control.  Let's take Kyle Bush for example he was tearing up the circuit going into the chase but the first race he had a part break that held the swaybar in place and he had a horrible finish and went from the lead to around 8th in the points.  The very next race his engine blows up and now he is 12th and basically a race behind.  Then there is 'Dega and the big one.  Several chaseres lost their chance by getting caught up in the "Big One" at 'Dega and with the way JJ is running he is now over a race ahead of his second place competition.  And unless he gets a 43rd place finish at Texas you can basically mail him the trophy. 

So how would the chase look if we used Mulligans today, the following points will be after the race at Atlanta.

  • CARL EDWARDS - 1065   -183
  • GREG BIFFLE - 1063   - 185
  • JEFF BURTON - 1030  - 218
  • KEVIN HARVICK - 941- 307
  • JEFF GORDON - 936  - 312
  • CLINT BOWYER - 934 - 314
  • TONY STEWART - 847 - 401
  • MATT KENSETH - 835- 413
  • DALE EARNHARDT JR - 829 - 419
  • DENNY HAMLIN - 823 - 425
  • KYLE BUSH - 783 - 465

Now this is how the points would look if we used the mulligans, I am only counting the chase points plus the bonus points.

  • CARL EDWARDS - 920
  • JIMMIE JOHNSON - 910    -10
  • GREG BIFFLE - 835   -75
  • JEFF BURTON - 809 - 101
  • JEFF GORDON - 761 -149
  • MATT KENSETH - 747  -163
  • TONY STEWART - 719 - 191
  • DENNY HAMLIN - 712  -198
  • KEVIN HARVICK - 709  -201
  • CLINT BOWYER - 704 -206
  • DALE EARNHARDT JR. - 690 -220
  • KYLE BUSH - 683 -227

Now even if JJ had 2 bad races in a row he would still be in the hunt, and if any of the other drivers have a bad race the last 2 races before Homestead then it could take them out of contention.  But right now we have at least 6 drivers with a shot at the championship and at least  the top 4 with a very legit shot.  And if any of the top 6 drivers win one of the next 2 races they will close the gap even more.  And then it would come down to the last race and there the drivers have to hope they don't have a bad race at Homestead.

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Posted on: September 4, 2008 5:15 pm

NASCAR Chase, Is it Good For the Sport

A lot of of the old NASCAR fans complain the chase isn't good for the sport.   They long for the old days when the tilte was decided over the entire schedule, instead of a ten race shoot out.  But is the Chase really bad for the sport.  I don't think so and here are my reasons why.

  • The chase gives 11 drivers a second chance at catching the winner.  What is wrong with that?  When you go back into the past and look at the final standings you will find that at most there were 3 drivers going that had a chance to win the title going into the last 10 races but no you have a Dozen drivers that have a chance.
  • Some say it takes away from the excitement of the individual races during the regular season.  That the drivers are racing for a chase spot.  Well what is the difference between that and a Dale Earnhardt racing for points during the entire season.  Sure everyone is racing for points and some may not go for a win because of these points, but in the past the last half of the season was run the same way.  If you didn't have a legit chance to win then you raced for the points.
  • Favorites like Jeff Gordon got screwed last year because he dominated the entire season then had it taken away by the chase.  Well how many people will scream foul this year if Kyle Bush loses the chase?  None.  Herein lies the major problem with a lot of the old timers.  The second year of the chase, a driver that would otherwise probably never would have won a championship won.  And he wasn't a crowd favorite, and that is Kurt Bush.  Kurt had a good season in 2004 but he wasn't a Championship contender until the chase then he got on a roll and won the title by 8 points.  Well, instead of people embracing this they dissed it.  (and I was probably guilty too). 

No the chase has been good and if you don't believe me let Dale Earnhardt Junior win and see how many people who have claimed the past chase winners were not worthy of the championship, will now say Junior's championship is legit.  I'm not picking on the Junior fans but am just pointing out that as long as the champion is one the masses like it will be legit. But let a Clint Bowyer, or David Regan slip into the chase after Richmond, then go on a roll and win it.  Well, lets just say you could probably fill up the Superbowl, with the amount of crying you will hear from NASCAR Fans. 

NASCAR like all sports have passionate fans and everything is ok, as long as it favors their favorites.  But make a change in the rules that give a few more a chance at the pie and it is no longer good, unless of course their driver/team wins it all. 

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