Posted on: May 15, 2008 7:43 am

Coming up on 1/3 point of the season

Well race fans here we are approximately 1/3 of the way through the season and there have been a few surprises, a few just so/so things going on and of course some disappointments.  So here is your chance to list your thoughts on the season so far.  I am listing my Surprises, So-So's and Disappointments this year in decending order.  In other words a countdown in each category and I invite you to do the same along with a brief statement as to why that item is in the column you placed it.

So here we go and I look forward to reading your comments:


4.  Dale Earnhardt Jr. - Here we go, Mikeyfan bashing Dale Junior once again right?, No, Dale Junior is having a very, very good year right now, the disappointment would be that he hasn't won yet. (Don't worry Junior fans you will see this name again)

3. Yate Sponsorship - Robert Yates Racing is an organization that has been around for quite a while and with two young drivers are having problems with sponsorship and that's a shame.  Jack Roush promised Yates sponsorship help, but where is it?

2.  Everham Motorsports - This is an organization that came out of the box real fast when they first moved to Dodge, Now they appear to be just a solid top 25 team.  This organization need to get it into gear.

1.  Open Wheel Drivers - With the success of Juan Pablo Montoya, there was a lot of hype of the Open Wheel drivers invading NASCAR.  Penske even went as far as giving Sam Hornish a leg up on his competition by giving him the points from the 2 team.  Problem is Sam is now in the Go or Go home category along with the rest of the Open Wheelers.  So much for open wheel domination.

So - So's

4.  Red Bull Racing - I placed Red Bull Here because of the way Brian Vickers is running, yes Red Bull is having trouble with the 84 car but they did get the 83 into the top 20 at 17th so for that I have them on the verge of breaking into the Surprises.

3.  MWR - Yes, Mikey and company fall here, in my opinion.  You may of thought I would have had them in my surprises but alas I can't put them there because they are still on the verge of falling into the clutches of the "Go or Go Home".  I am happy they haven't missed a race but now I'm waiting for them to start making solid top 20 to top 10 runs.

2. Jeff and JJ - Who would have thought that Jeff would have been shut out so far this season and JJ is very up and down.  This disappointment led me to my most So-So performance so far.

1. HMS - Yes HMS is the most So-So performer this year.  The way they dominated the first part of last season and how they have run so far this seaason I think this is the proper place for them  Expections for this organization is very high and they just haven't reached that plateau yet.  And yes the 5 car is, well the 5 car.


4. Ryan Newman - I have Ryan here not so much because of the season he is having but who would have thougtht Ryan would win the Daytona 500?  I know I wouldn't have accepted a bet for his winning it all, would you?

3. Dale Earnhardt Jr. -  Dale Junior is a solid driver and is on a solid team, however, to say he would be in the top 5 in points at this time I think is surprising.  A top 10, say 8th to 10th maybe not, but his runs have been consistent and solid. 

2. Carl Edwards - Where did Carl come from this year.  He has dominated the Cookie Cutter Tracks and if it wasn't for my number 1 selection he would be far far ahead of his competition.  This leads me to my biggest surprise so far this year.

1. Kyle, you can hate me, Bush - (like the nickname?)  It was always known that Kyle was a good driver, maybe overagressive at times but a good driver.  His off track behavior has a lot to be desired but I don't think anyone can say they expected Kyle to be this good this soon at JGR, especially since JGR just moved from Chevy to Toyota. 

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