Posted on: August 11, 2008 1:35 pm
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Cheap Trick, Heart, Journey Tour

Cheap Trick, Heart and Journey were in Raleigh last night, and I got a chance to go see them.  The following is my take on the concert.

Cheap Trick opened the show and they were pretty good. I'm not a big Cheap Trick fan and don't know much of their music. However, when they did "I WANT YOU TO WANT ME"  They were good and also I didn't think they did to bad with Surrender.  The one thing, to me, that was annoying was after every song they had to let you know they were "Cheap Trick" as if we didn't know.  Again, they were alright but they really didn't do anything to get the crowd riled up.

Next was Heart, and man did they not still the show.  Ann Wilson can still blow.  Her vocals are still powerful and although they changed up the instrumentation a little on their hits they didn't lose their meaning nor the rhythm.  The crowd, who a lot were basically there to see Journey, really got into this show and you could see all around the amphitheater people stopping what they were doing and getting into the music.  It was like most of the crowd forgot what songs Heart had actually done.  By the time Ann started to sing "ALONE" and 'NANCY' started singing "THESE DREAMS" Heart had captured the hearts of the crowd and the place was really rocking.  When they left the stage after a great rendition of 'BARRACUDA' the crowd called for 5 minutes for an encore. Then they caught everyone off guard when they opened their encore with a resounding cover of "GOING TO CALIFORNIA" by Led Zeppelin.  Ann did a marvelous job.  Again after their encore we were yelling and screaming for about 5 minutes, even with the crew on stage moveing equipment into place for Journey people were still hollaring for more heart.

Next the headliners "Journey" hit the stage.  And man did they blow it.  Not because they were bad, they weren't but because they totally lost the crowd by playing songs no one or very few people knew.  Whoever, made up their itineary really blew it.  This isn't the first time these groups have played together this summer,  they have been on tour all summer and you would think right now they would have learned.  If Journey had come out with "WHEEL IN THE SKY" or "SEPERATE WAYS (WORLDS APART)" and they could have captured the crowd and kept the freenzy going.  But instead they decide to play a lot of stuff off of their new album and also the on big thing that really bothered me and the individuals I went with, it was like they were trying to shed what made them famous and that was the POWER BALLADS.

Now lets talk about their new voice, Arnel Pineda.  Arnel has a voice that is very, very similar to Steve Perry,  In fact if one closed their eyes on some of the ballads like "OPEN ARMS" it would be hard to really tell them apart, aside from maybe a couple of notes.  Now I know Steve Perry has a fantastic voice and it is hard to match such a voice but Arnel did a great job.  Arnel, does have some problems.  You can tell he was a nightclub singer because he concentrated on the first 3 rows and you had over 20,000 people there so he hasn't learned to get the whole audience involved.  Second, I thought he jumped around way too much.  I even told my friend he must have  popped 10 uppers before coming on stage. 

Do I recommend going to this concert if they appear near you?  You bet I do,  Heart alone is worth the price of the ticket.  If your a Cheap Trick fan I don't think you will be disappointed. and if you can get by the first 7 songs with Journey and wait until they start kicking in with their oldies then again I don't think you will be disappointed.  So if you get a chance to see this tour then by all means do what you can to go see it.  It was about 3 1/2 hours of music and with the stage changes you it will last about 4 hours. 

IF YOU'VE SEEN THIS TOUR PLEASE LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS.  If you've seen a great Concert this year let others know so they may be able to see it, if they come to thier town.

To see if they are going to be in your area soon here is the link to the tour.


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