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Posted on: November 18, 2008 1:30 pm

A Small Change in the NASCAR Points System

Everyone complains that the points system in NASCAR isn't really conducive of running up front.  So what if there was a small tweak in the way points were scored.  No not giving the winner more points, I'd keep the basic structure the same but what I would do is give a point for each lap lead.

That's right you'd still get 5 points for leading a lap and 10 for leading the most laps but you would also get 1 point for each lap you lead during the race.  Say your at Martinsville and you lead 300 of the 500 laps, and win the race well you'd get your 195 points for the win, leading the most laps and 5 points for leading a lap but you would also gain 300 points for leading 300 laps making your point total for the day at 495 points.  This would mean each lap had meaning and you wouldn't see drivers just riding and being content with where they are.  Could you imagine a driver 300 points out of the chase going into Richmond could very well make the chase if he lead 300 to 350 laps and won the race. 

The flip side of this is you lose a point for each lap you do not finish.  So if you finished 43rd and only completed 300 of 500 laps then you deduct 300 from 34 and you'd have a negative 266 points which could take you from say 25th to being in a go or go home status, or take you from being in the chase to out of the chase just like that. 

Give me your thoughts of this little tweak in points.

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