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Mikeyfan's Mid Season Report Card - Toyota

Ok, here it is Toyota time, How will I rate myself?

Starting off with Joe Gibbs Racing:

Here was the pre-season outlook:

Outlook for Joe Gibbs Racing   You can lock in Kyle Bush and Denny Hamlin into your chase picture.  These two team are solid and should have another solid year.  The question remains the 20 car.  They are a wild card to make the chase, but I think Zippy and the gang should be happy with a solid top 20 run this season and think about the chase at a later time.  The biggest question for Joey is will we see the Joey we saw in the Nationwide series or the one that struggled in the cup series?

Well Kyle and Denny seem to be pretty much in the Chase with Kyle in 8th and Denny in 6th, however, either one can still fall out with some bad racing luck.  Joey on the other hand has pulled himself up to 20th place after a slow start.  Joey even won a rain shortened race this year.

GRADE - "A-"  I'm giving myself an "A-" only because the chase is so tight right now.  But for the most part I think I hit this prediction pretty good.

Outlook for the remainder of the season:  Look for Kyle and Denny to both make the chase and give a solid run for the title come chase time.

Next up Red Bull:  Here is their preseason outlook:

Outlook for Red Bull Racing  I see Brian Vickers as having a chance to sneak into the top 12 and make the chase, The bigger question is can he win a race for Toyota and Red Bull this season.  As for Scott Speed he needs to worry about staying in the top 30 this year, make every race and learn the tracks and drivers.  If he starts pressing to run with the "big dogs" he could find himself in the go or go homers after 5 races.

Although Brian is having a good season and has just resigned with Red Bull, it looks like he is going to come up short on the chase and the win?  Well, he has had a couple of strong runs only to have something happen to knock him out of the running.  As for Scott, well he has missed 3 races and is the go or go homers.

GRADE- "B+"  Although I was pretty much right on, on both drivers I gave myself a "B+" because of Brian falling short in the chase department.

Outlook for the remainder of the season: Brian just may get that elusive win for Red Bull, but Scott needs to step it up a bit.  Also, look for some sort of disarray as Red Bull tries to decide if they are going to stay with Toyota or go with Chevy next season. 

Next Up MWR This is the one everyone is waiting for:  Wink

Their preseason outlook:

Outlook for Michael Waltrip Racing I think the outlook is positive for MWR this season.  Look for Both David and Michael to have cars in Victory lane and both viaing for the chase.  I see a top 20 for both the 00 and the 55 and look for the 47 to have a good top 25 season.

This has been a fairly strong Season for MWR,  David is viaing for a chase spot, got his first win and the first win for MWR and Marcos is having a stronger year than most predicted and is sitting 18th in the points.  The only downfall was Michael, who after a strong start has dropped out of the top 30 in points. 

GRADE: "C+":  I gave myself a "C+" because of how Michael has run, if he had been higher or I wouldn't have been over excited at the beginning of the year I probably would have done better here.  The grade could have been higher but I down graded it because of my loyality to Michael I didn't want everyone to think I went too high.

Outlook for the remainder of the season:  Look for David to make the chase and for Marcos to keep hold of his top 20 standings.  Hopefully, with the signing of Martin Truex Jr. to drive the NAPA 56 next season, Michael will be able to relax and have more success.  I still say he will win a race this year. 


Last is Robby Gordon and the rest:  I am going to combine Robby with the rest and grade myself on the total group:

Outlook for Robby Gordon Racing Robby should finish somewhere between 22nd and 30th in points.  As always he will be a force on the Road Courses.

27 Kirk Shelmirdine - Kirk has done well in the past qualifying on the plate tracks but don't expect him to last the season.

34 Tommy Baldwin Racing - Tommy has Scott Riggs as a driver and has a solid chance of making the top 35.  A new team with a craft veteran crew chief as owner.  This team could surprise and end up in the top 30 by seasons end.

41 Jeremy Mayfield - Jeremy is starting his own team and has solid sponsorship with "Big Red" Soft drinks.  Jeremy is a good driver and could end up in the top 35 by seasons end.

64 Todd Bodine - "Cue Ball" is moving up from the trucks to tackle the Cup series once again.  If he has the proper backing and lands sponsorship he could contend for a top 25 spot.

66 Prism Motor Sports - With Terry Labonte and Dave Blaney driving for this team I hope they do well.  I like both drivers but with Phil Parsons just starting out this team will struggle making the top 35.  I hope they end the season in the top 35.

87 Joe Nemechek - After being ousted from Furniture Row, Joe is going to try it on his own.  I don't see him making it through an entire season, unless he can find some major sponsorship.

 Well Robby was a little high in my preseason predictions but everyone else is pretty much spot on.  With that I give myself:

GRADE: "B":  I over reached a little on Robby and a couple of other teams saying they had a chance at a top 35 spot so I downgraded myself to a "B".


Well there you have it Let me know how you think I did.

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