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Posted on: July 8, 2009 6:48 pm

Mikeyfan's mid season report card (Ford)

Well, I got a lot of comments on my chevy Grades,  So let's see how I grade myself for the Ford Teams.

Starting with Roush Racing here is what I predicted:

Outlook for Roush Racing - With Carl Edwards and his talent Roush Racing should contend for the championship, the question really is how many cars with Roush field in the Chase.  This is Fords only hope in NASCAR and therefore, I see all the engineering help from Ford going to this team.

Roush currently has their three mainstays in the chase in Carl, Matt and Greg,  Jamie is in 19th but David is having a rough time in 30th.
So I think I did pretty good, Initially I said 2 drivers with Carl and Matt with Greg the wild card.  The wild card this year is RCR and their troubles.

Grade:  B:  I gave myself a B because anyone of the 3 could fall out of the chase with the points being this close and Carl not having won a race could be considered a major upset at this time.

Outlook for the remainder of the season:  Matt and Greg are the most vunderable for missing the chase and I think one of them will.  Roush seems to be a step behind where they were this time last year.

Next up Yates Racing

Here is what I had to say:

I pretty much nailed this one,  Bobby is sitting 27th in points and Paul is 31st.  Maybe they should have kept Travis Kvapil.

Grade:  A:  With these 2 struggling like I predicted I gave myself my first "A"

Outlook for the remainder of the season:  I don't see any improvement from this team and it's a shame because Yates used to be the powerhouse Ford team in NASCAR.

Last was the Wood Brothers and my prediction for them:

The outlook for the Wood Brothers is still the same but I will admit Bill Elliott has run fairly well when they do enter a race. 

Grade:  B:  I gave myself a "B" because we still haven't seen what is going to happen with this team in the future.

Well, there you have it my mid season report card for Ford.  How did I do?  Let me know

Outlook for Wood Brothers Racing   The Wood Brothers are at a crossroads this year.  Will they survive the cutbacks and the economic down turn?  Will they be able to survive only running a part time schedule?  Will they be able to secure sponsorship for the future?  Only the future can really tell us, here's hoping this team does survive and we will see them compete for wins again in the near future.


Outlook for Robert Yates Racing - I don't see any team from this organization competing for a spot in the chase.  In fact if both cars stay in the top 25 and get the bonus money at the end of the season they will have accomplished a lot, as not only is the funding not really there but the manufacture support will be at Roush and very little if any will be passed down to RYR.

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